Staff Of 27 FDB, Hanover, Germany 51-52
Staff of No.27 SDB, Hannover, Germany 51-52.
spacer. This vintage photo is of the staff of one No.27 Service Detention Barracks (SDB) in Hanover, Germany - 1951/52 which was in it's day deemed to be one of the toughest SDBs within the Canadian Army. Many service personnel discovered that fact as a result of their lack indiscretion that led to them serving time in this establishment and came out more highly disciplined then they could have ever otherwise imagined. In fact; some went on to have very successful careers developing into above average soldiers.

spacer. Shown from left to right: Front row - Ssgt Pratt, WOII Hele, Lt Andrew F. Ritchie (retired major), Capt JR Barre, WOI (RSM) EJ (Earl) Gray, Ssgt Forbes, Ssgt Castellani and Sgt Lewis. Center row - Sgt Fewer, Cpl Blais, Cpl Bud Hanlon, LCpl Stevens, Cpl Fleming, Cpl Atkinson, LCpl Don Holden, Pte Parfitt and Sgt Ned Hayes. Rear row - Sgt Lenton, Cpl MacKey, Pte Hulowski, LCpl Walters and Cpl Deveau.

spacer. Photo submitted by Ms Linda Tresham, daughter of C Pro C icon, the late Donald (Don) Tresham, who found the vintage photo amongst her Father's personal archives.