Canadian Provost Corps School
Disciplinarian Group 3 Course - 1958
C Pro C Disciplinarian Gp 3 course photo - 1958.
Photo submitted by former member of the C Pro C Jim White (retired MWO) who is shown seated on the extreme left in the front row. Next to him is Ssgt Jim Halcrow, Maj Amirault, the late Col A. Ritchie, then Commandant of the Canadian Provost Corps School, Maj Treleaven, Captain Hooper, and Sgt Bert Hebert. Back row: (l - r) Sgt Moore, (unidentified), WOII (Sgt-Maj) Hodges, 3rd from the left, next to him is Sgt Wes Legrowe, retired WO, (deceased), Sgt Glen Beavis, is 3rd from the right and on the extreme right is WO 1 (RSM) Chuck Rollins. all others are unidentified.
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