Spreading Of Ashes At Stewart Memorial Square
Canadian Forces Military Police Academy, CFB Borden, ON

spacer Stewart Square is named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel James Reginald Stewart MBE, CD, Provost Marshal (Army) April 1946 to July 1954. The Square, located within the lines of the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy (CFMPA), was originally a memorial to members of the Corps. That remembrance has justly been expanded to memorialize the Royal Canadian Air Force Security Branch, the Canadian Forces Security Branch and the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branches. Plaques have been placed on the Cairn representing each of these entities. Stewart Square is now an officially approved site for the spreading of ashes.

spacer The Memorial Cairn (see photo below) was dedicated on Sunday, 13 June 1965. It was unveiled by Mrs. Grace Stewart, Lieutenant Colonel Stewart's widow. This ceremony was attended by over two hundred and fifty serving and retired members. Colonel P A Piuze and Colonel L H Nicholson (the first and last WWII Provost Marshals (Army) respectively, presided over the ceremony and unveiled a plaque to all fallen Members of the Canadian Provost Corps.

spacer A process has been established to facilitate this ceremony. The spreading of ashes at various Corps memorial sites throughout Borden is now coordinated by the Director, CFB Borden Military Museum. An application form has been prescribed and can be accessed by clicking here:

Application To Scatter Ashes At Stewart Square

spacer When completed the application is to be sent to the Director Base Borden Military Museum at the following address:

Base Borden Military Museum
CFB Borden
18 Waterloo Road, East
PO Box 1000, Station Main
Borden, ON
L0M 1C0

Be advised; this particular format of the application must be printed off and submitted through the Postal Service.

spacer As a matter of prudence and forethought, if you are considering this form of memorial; it is suggested that you ensure that the information required to complete the application is readily available to your family.

spacer There is a provision for an optional memorial plate at a cost of $210.00. As the paragraph referring to it on the application form is not completely clear we will be seeking to clarify this point and these guidelines will be up-dated accordingly.

spacer In the event that you, as a former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, do choose to have your ashes spread at Stewart Square, it would be appreciated if the responsible person; in addition to completing the application, contact LCol (retired) JD (Jim) Lumsden and/or BGen (retired) Walter Dabros. Both of these gentlemen can be contacted by clicking here: ( Contact Us ).

spacer This is an interim measure only due to the probability of CFMPA and the Stewart Square Cairn being relocated in the mid-term future.

Stewart Square, CFMPA, CFB Borden.