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spacer The 3 Canadian Provost Corps Coffin Covers were purchased by the Canadian Provost Corps Association and areavailable for use at the funeral of any former member of the Canadian Provost Corps. A request for a cover may be made by a former Corps member or the family of the deceased through thevolunteer custodian in the area concerned . i.e. East, Centraland West.

spacer There is a primary custodian and one or two alternate custodian in each area. They develop their own arrangements with respect to who is holding the Cover at any particular time. Changes, either permanently or temporarily, are advised via the Corps email net. Permanent changes are also posted to the Canadian Provost Corps Web Site Home Page.

spacer Covers will be shipped by the most economical means consistent with the actual date of requirement. This is normally by bus express to the nearest bus terminal to the recipient. This is economical and generally provides for a much greater variety of departure times and operating hours at both dispatching and receiving ends.

spacer The Covers are shipped uninsured due to the prohibitive cost of insurance. Cost of shipping is borne from a small sum of money provided by the Association, as well as donations made by some members to help sustain the fund. As these funds are limited it would be most helpful, but not obligatory, if the recipientundertook the cost of its return journey to the custodian.

spacer The recipient of the cover is responsible for its care. It would be appreciated if after the funeral it was returned in a timely fashion to ensure its availability in case of further need.
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