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70th Anniversary Liberation Of Holland
- Pilgrimage 2015! -

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From the 3 - 9 May 2015 the Netherlands was host to the Allied soldiers who liberated their Country in 1944/45 and many Canadian WWII Veterans also participated in this memorable occasion. Two of the Canadian War Veterans that attended were former members of the Canadian Provost Corps, none other then: Lieutenant Colonel (retired) George (Wilky) Wilkinson and Lieutenant Colonel (retired) William (Bill) Stoker. Bill Stoker sent along the attached photographs and provided a short synopsis of his excursion back into time during the 70th Anniversary celebrations in Holland.
  • The 60 veterans in the government delegation first assembled in an Ottawa Hotel. As I walked in; George Wilkinson, age 97, No 5 Coy C Pro C, representing PPCLI on this occasion, immediately greeted me as if we had parted just the day before when; in fact, we had not seen each other for 30 years.
  • On the way to my seat at the Grossbeek Cemetary near Nimegan I spotted several MPs who were there on duty. Could not resist complementing them on their attractive hat badges. (Web Master's Note: During his service, LCol Stoker had a hand in the actual design of the Securitas Hat Badge.)
  • On May 9th when we assembled at the Koning Willem III kazerne ( military police training centre) for assignment to WW2 vintage vehicles for the final parade through Apeldoorn, I immediately recognized the kazern as the location of No 11 Provost Coy when I was with that unit in Sept-Oct 1945. Quite a coincidence! One of the vintage vehicles available was am M/C with sidecar bearing Provost on the windshield and tac sign 79.
It is men like L/Col Bill Stoker and L/Col George Wilkinson who fought for the freedom that we all enjoy today and those of us who were fortunate enough in the post war years to have served with these War Veterans, we learned from them; the fine art of being a soldier and a policeman in the Canadian Forces.
L/Col Stoker shown with two Canadian Forces Military Policemen.
Shown in the center of the above photo is WWII Veteran, L/Col (retired) William (Bill) Stoker, a former member of the Canadian Provost Corps with two Canadian Forces Military Policemen (on the left is OS O'Donnell) who were in attendance at the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation Of Holland celebrations.
L/Cols Stoker and Wilkinson riding in the 70th Anninersary Parade.
L/Cols Stoker and Wilkinson shown riding in the 70th Anniversary parade aboard an old WWII vintage US Army vehicle.
L/Col Stoker is shown sitting astride an old WWII vintage Motorcycle.
L/Col Bill Stoker is shown sitting astride an old WWII vintage Motorcycle bearing Provost Markings. A young Dutch family poses admiringly alongside with one who participated in the liberation of their Country in 1944/45.
L/Cols Stoker and Wilkinson pose with a fellow WWII Veteran.
LCol (retired) William (Bill) Stoker (left) and next to him is LCol (retired) George (Wilky) Wilkinson and a fellow WWII Veteran.
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