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Halifax And Surrounding Area
Provost Alumni Muster For Coffee And Lunch

spacer On the 24Nov 2017 the Halifax and Surrounding Area Provost Alumni gathered for Coffee/Lunch.We mustered for coffee and war stories at our usual spot in the Bedford Place Mall where seven former members of the Canadian Provost Corps answered Roll Call.

spacer In attendance were: CWO (retired) Mel Pittman, CWO (retired) Joe Cripps, CWO (retired) Dave Folker, MWO (retired) Jim Stewart, WO (retired) Sam Moses, WO (retired) Ellery Oickle, Sgt (retired) Jim Malcolm who kept us all entertained with his many war stories of days long past.

spacer Following Muster we went to lunch at the adjacent Sunnyside Restaurant where we were joined by several of the members wives, Mrs Annetta Cripps, Mrs Joan Folker and Mrs Moses. To the best of my recollection, this is the first gathering that former member WO (retired) Gordie Greeno had missed over this past twenty years that we have been holding ur Musters.

Several photos were taken at the Muster and are displayed below.

Photo-01 of former C Pro C members in attendance.
Photo-02 of former C Pro C members in attendance. Photo-03 of former C Pro C members in attendance.
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