King's badge C Pro C shoulder patch. Queen's badge
Former WWII Provost Still Rides His Motorcycle

Fred Peters on his M/C in Paris, ON, 20 Jun 2015. Former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Robert (Bob) Thomas, was in Paris, Ontario on Saturday, 20 Jun 2015 and stopped for lunch at a Timmie's. He saw this gentleman walking across the parking lot wearing a C Pro C Association ball cap. Bob subsequently met the elderly man who identified himself as Fred Peters and that he had served with the Canadian Provost Corps during WWII, learning to ride motorcycles during his war service. Fred is from Woodstock, Ontario and was riding his 2009 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail at the time.

Fred informed Bob that at the outbreak of WW II he joined the infantry, later transferring to the C Pro C while serving in England and was subsequently posted to #6 Provost Company and deployed into France attached to the 4th Canadian Armoured Division.

During their conversation Fred showed Bob a red spot near the first knuckle on his left hand, explaining that he has had this spot from birth and believes that it has brought him luck through any bad patches he has encountered in life. Fred said that he has owned many motorcycles over the years and still to this day enjoys riding them.

Now, you may well ask; why is it such a big issue that a WWII Vet still rides a motorcycle? Well, let me tell you why; Fred, on the 02 July 2015, will be 96 years of age! Undoubtedly; this former member of the Canadian Provost Corps still has what it takes; as Bob stated: I watched him drive off out of the parking lot, handling his Harley Motorcycle very well..