Military And RCMP Veterans
Against CPP Clawback At Age 65
spacer Subject Campaign, lead by retired CPO1 John Labelle, of the Halifax Region, NS, has been ongoing for this past 10 years with the sole purpose of convincing the Federal Government to terminate the unfair reduction applied to Military and RCMP Veterans superannuation upon reaching age 65. Veterans throughout Canada, from Coast to Coast to Coast have supported this Campaign for fairness and with the strong support of former Federal MP (NDP), Mr Peter Stoffer, have beeen instrumental in having several Private Member's Bills put before the House Of Commons, the last one (Bill C201) though passing third reading, died on the Order Paper after the Government House Leader refused to request Royal Assent. Supporting Veterans are requested to forward the URL link for the Campaign Poster outlined below to fellow Veterans to motivate them to get behind this worthy cause

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Mil/RCMP Vets Against CPP Clawback Poster
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