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Reminder To Notify The Web Master Of Your
Change Of E-Mail Address

image of the @ symbol spacer. As the Association Coordinator, the maintaining of the master list of email addresses for the Canadian Provost Corps Virtual Association is one of my tasks. Keeping the list current is important as it is our one means of rapid communications, and as you know from your C Pro C Radio training (both domestically and operationally) our tasks would have been extremely difficult without communications. When you either change your internet servers and/or implement a new e-mail address with other internet e-mail service providers, don't forget to advise me of the change. Hence; If you have not been receiving regular monthly correspondence from me of late, it is just possible I may not have your correct email address. Click here to contact the
                                             Association Coordinator/Web Master.

spacer. Another problem I occasionally encounter is the rejection of Association e-mail correspondence by some members' anti-virus software which identify my correspondence as SPAM. In this case, it is necessary for the member to ensure the Association e-mail address is identified within their anti-virus software settings as being authorized.